Average Retirement Savings by Age 2012

by Andy Hough on April 23, 2012

Average retirement savings by age is a popular topic. Everyone knows they need to save money for retirement but a lot of people are not saving any money for retirement and many more are not saving enough money for retirement.  If you would like to know how your retirement savings compare to those of others in your age group I have provided the date for you below.

Here’s how retirement savings breakdown by age group:

25 – 34

76% saved less than $25k, 12% were between $25k-$50k, 6% were between $50k-$100k, 5% were between $100k-$250k, and 1% were above $250k.

35 – 44

61% saved less than $25k, 11% were between $25k-$50k, 14% were between $50k-$100k, 12% were between $100k-$250k, and 3% were above $250k.

45 – 54

54% saved less than $25k, 9% were between $25k-$50k, 9% were between $50k-$100k, 12% were between $100k-$250k, and 17% were above $250k.


40% saved less than $25k, 8% were between $25k-$50k, 12% were between $50k-$100k, 18% were between $100k-$250k, and 22% were above $250k.

All (Combined)

60% saved less than $25k, 10% were between $25k-$50k, 10% were between $50k-$100k, 10% were between $100k-$250k, and 10% were above $250k.

This data is from the 2012 EBRI retirement survey.  When you compare this data to the results from a few years ago you can see there are more people that have less than 25k saved.  How do your retirement savings compare?

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