Resource for Choosing a Senior Living Community

by Andy Hough on October 7, 2014

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The has recently launched a new website and they have asked bloggers like myself to help them spread the word about their new site. is one of California’s largest nonprofit providers of senior living communities. The aim of the website is for it to be a resource for seniors. The site helps seniors with the process of choosing a senior living solution and find the ideal fit for their lifestyle needs.

The site helps seniors understand the benefits of senior living through helpful articles, quizzes, slideshows and videos. Site visitors can learn the differences between the various levels of care offered in senior living. The site shows a behind-the-scenes peek at life in today’s communities. The site also has printable resources that walk users through financing options, tips for downsizing to move to a new home, advice for starting the conversation with loved ones, questions to ask on a senior living tour and more. The site isn’t just about senior housing but it is also designed to assist seniors and their loved ones in the process of deciding on the next steps of living.

If you are a senior that is looking for a senior living community or you think you might need one in the next few years then this site could be a valuable resource to you. It is smart to start thinking about what type of senior living community and where you would like to live ahead of time so you don’t have to rush to make a decision. If you have a family member or care for someone who might benefit from living in a senior living community sharing this site with the senior could benefit them. Visit the website and see all the resources it has to offer.

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